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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

It's amazing what you can learn from the Nativity Story. We just recently watched this movie as a family, and Gabriel learned 2 new things! Who knew that movie could be so educational?

As we were watching the baby, John the Baptist, get circumcised, we had to explain what was going on. After our explanation, I told Gabe, "yeah, you and Zech both had that done at the hospital." So he says to me, " so only boys do it?" And I thought it was kind of a funny question, but replied, "well, since girls don't have a penis, yes, only boys have it done."

"WHAT? Girls don't have a penis???" he replied with a very loud voice. I don't know how we've kept that fact a secret from Gabe for so long, but the truth has finally come out.

The second funny thing was during the birth of Jesus. Joseph holds Jesus up in the air, and we hear Gabriel say in a very surprised voice, "babies come out naked!!!" He started giggling, thinking about how embarrassing that must be. I told him, "yes, babies do come out without clothes on, except for my babies. I always ate a small outfit so they could have their dignity upon birth." Just Kidding!

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