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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Zech has been a man of few words so far in life, so my stories are not very often about him. At the beginning of the month, Titus' car died, and I have become the official family taxi driver.

Last week we were arriving back at home, and Zech got really excited saying, "Daddy's car!" To him that meant that Titus was home from work. If the car is there, his dad is not far from it.

I explained to Zech, that no, Daddy is not home from work, his car is broken.

Zech is still at the age where everything he responds to is done in the form of a question, so he says, "Daddy's car broken?" I told him "yeah, unfortunately it is. Remember, we drove daddy to work."

A little bit later Zech and I went somewhere and as we were coming home again he asked, "Daddy's car broken?" I agreed with him, "yeah, it's still broke."

And with a big smile he matter of factly says, "Daddy fix it." I love to see my husband through the eyes of his children. Daddy is their hero, and Daddy can do anything!

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