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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dragon Times

If you haven't already guessed, I love themes! I like to give theme gifts, and I LOVE to plan theme days. This week we have been looking for special things to do each day while Ariel is away at camp. I didn't want Gabe to feel like he was missing out on anything, so we both put our heads together and came up with some fun stuff to do. On Monday we travelled to the library and found lots of new books and movies. Gabe was especially excited to find "Dear Dragon" books, one of his favorites to check out in kindergarten. We went through the whole entire shelf and took home every "Dear Dragon" book they had checked in.

We've been having a lot of rainy days lately, and that can make summer fun interesting to plan. We tried to be creative and come up with a fun rainy day activity. We started off the morning reading all the library books that Gabriel checked out. He has come a long way with reading already, and was able to make it through every single book without any help from mom on sounding out the words. Impressive!

dear dragon books

Zech just couldn't resist blowing raspberries at his brother.
He thinks he's pretty funny!

What an accomplishment! Gabe finished all his library books and worked up quite an appetite. He had the idea to make dragon food for lunch. We both came up with different parts of the yummy dragons. The eyes were made of yogurt covered raisins, and the spikes were triangles of bread. We added a few pretzel legs, and a body of rice. It was very good! Gabe even said the dragon turned out much better than he imagined.
dragon food rice

To complete our Dragon Day, we all checked out "How to Train Your Dragon" at the movie theater. It was a very cute film, and held the boys attention quite well. Zech only got restless for the last 30 minutes, but still managed to stay pretty quiet so mom didn't miss much of the movie.

We were happy to have our friend, Rachael, join us for the movie!

It was a very dragon filled day!

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