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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Journal

Gabe just spent 10 days on vacation with his grandma. Life was not the same without him, to say the least. If you know my son, you know he loves to talk. I think he has a word quota for each day and it's pretty high. He is very much a people person. We figured out at a young age that the best form of punishment was making him sit off by himself. It's pure torture for him. He loves to be around everyone interacting and having a good time.

While he was gone I read a couple books through with no interruptions. It felt weird and made me sad. I was used to stopping every so many pages and hearing some story or thought he just couldn't wait to communicate to me. Sometimes it takes missing something to realize how much you enjoyed it. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

I may get frustrated from time to time when I can't get a moment alone. I may want to pull my hair out a few times after telling him to stop talking and JUST GET IN THE SHOWER. I may want to yell when I've heard thought after thought and he STILL isn't in bed yet. But after ten days of being without my Gabriel, I was ready to be interrupted. I longed to hear his voice and his thoughts. I was ready to need to tell him repeatedly to go DO THE DISHES. I love his words, and the world is not right when he isn't there to share them.

He brings so much color to our family. Even when I'm frustrated I find myself laughing and enjoying his unique ways. He is an exceptional kid!

While on the trip, Gabe kept a detailed journal of his days. I loved reading it. It made up for all those stories and thoughts I missed hearing.

The Journal of The Trip

Monday, June 17th
Today I woke up with excitement. I was going to Allegheny, New York. As soon as I got up and got ready we were on our way. I read to Grandma G a book called How to Train Your Dragon. It was good. I read it to her for four hours. Then we came to the St. Louis museum. We put together fossil puzzles, felt an earthquake, and looked at a fake tornado. On the way out it was rainy and I was getting really wet because Grandma kept taking away the umbrella. I read to Grandma another hour. Then we listened to The Tale of Despereaux. It was more better and well done then the movie. And for the night we went to Castleton Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was great even though it had no swimming pool.

Tuesday, June 18th
We woke up early, too early in fact. And I couldn't even lift myself up from the bed. We went down to breakfast. I don't like cereal and that basically is all there is. Instead I ate a few donuts. We went on the drive and it was long. Then we stopped at Wendy's. It was hard to get there. Our car was almost out of gas and we could hear it drying up. So luckily we got gas just in time. We went to the Biblewalk Museum. It was amazing, spectacular, awesome. It was a bunch of rooms in the wall and there was a bunch of plastic figures in the wall. Then a light comes from above the plastic figures so you can see them. Then the plastic figures start talking. The whole tour of the Bible took four hours. We listened to the life of Christ, one-fourth of it. We went on the drive again. I was getting excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Lemon. I never met them before. And we made it there. I thought they would look like Grandma and Grandpa Power. But they didn't.

Wednesday, June 19th
The next morning we woke up in a house. I thought it was my house because I was used to my house. We got ready and stuff and went out to lunch. We got to sit in a carriage that was real without horses. I got chicken fingers, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Then I also got a milkshake. Then we went to the Amish country. I spent $30 getting presents for my family. I got Zech an Amish board game called The Peg Race. I got Ariel a $5 herkimer diamond. I got Dad Amish fudge. I got Mom goats milk soap. When we got home we had stuffed peppers for dinner and then we watched a very good movie called The Encounter. And Grandma Lemon usually falls asleep in movies but she stayed awake. And Grandma G said God was working through the movie. And then we went to bed.

How to get a friction burn!

Thursday, June 20th
The next day I got ready after eating eggs on toast. I started to watch the Science channel. After learning how a car engine is made, and how sponges are made, and how peanuts turn into peanut butter, then Aspen and Aunt Linda arrived. Then we went to the Strawberry Festival. The food was good and then we went to the inflatables. If you're wondering why my knee is injured its because the inflatables have a lot of friction. And I was being very rough going down the slide so I hit the other end of the slide catching myself with my knee. Then we got home and I played on the DS. It was time to go to Sprague's. And I got a generous serving of bacon. The plate was the size of a sheet of paper and you couldn't even see the plate itself it was so covered in food. So I was definitely full after eating that. There was a table with animals sitting around it and I tried to take the moose's milkshake. But it wasn't a real milkshake. Then we went home and slept.

Friday, June 21st
We woke up and got ready. I hated sleeping on a cot. It was not soft and I slept sort of with brown recluses. And the blanket was rugged. It was basically a rug. We got ready to go to the Seneca Iroquois Museum. I learned about the game snow snake. It was cool. It's a winter game where there is a path that is 375 yards long. You put some slick stuff on the snake and then you throw it on the path and try to see how far it goes. That night we went to Aunt Leona's.

Saturday, June 22nd
I woke up and got up to swim. They have a pool at their house. That's almost all we did the whole day. Then I went to the Hillview restaurant. I got a Greek pizza. And then I went to the bathroom and there was an eerie light. On the wall there was a graffiti that had a toothy grin that looked like the gotcha sign in the basement. Then a toothy frown. Then an untoothy scream looking thing. I heard two footsteps. But nobody can get in the bathroom stalls with just two footsteps. But when I opened the bathroom stall door nobody was there. It wasn't anything. Then we went home and swam a little bit more and then went to bed.

Sunday, June 23rd
Today we went to church. The theme was taking responsibility for your life. We listened to the story of the three men in Matthew 25. Then we went home, ate and swam, and got thrown into the pool by Uncle Ernie. It was basically a cousin reunion.

Monday, June 24th
We went to Niagara Falls today and they were bigger than I expected. We went on Maid of the Mist and I got soaked. Then we searched around for other stuff to do, but we couldn't "afford" to do anything. And we swam and watched a movie when we got home. We watched Escape from Planet Earth.

Tuesday, June 25th
We woke up and drove and missed almost everything we wanted to do. We ran out of time to do the Biblewalk Museum again and the river was too low to go on a canal boat on the Ohio Erie Canal. How disappointing.

Wednesday, June 26th
We drove without anything to do. Because in the morning I made us run out of time because I was too scared to go into the pool because at the bottom it was slimy and I thought a shark was down there. The only thing we got to do was go to Subway and eat lunch. We ate dinner at McDonalds in the car. And then I got to see my parents again.

"So I recommend the enjoyment [of life]. People have nothing better to do under the sun than to eat, drink, and enjoy themselves. This joy will stay with them while they work hard during their brief lives which God has given them under the sun." Ecclesiastes 8:15

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