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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome to Motherhood

Where does the time go? 11 years ago, on another Wednesday, at almost midnight, I became a mother for the first time to a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed baby girl. My heart has never been the same again. I am blessed beyond words! She is always positive and perseveres no matter what. That stubbornness can be hard to deal with as the parent, but it has made Ariel a very strong, independent young woman. Nothing can stop this girl.

I've been trying to simplify a little this year, and told the kids they would have to choose a really easy birthday party for me to plan. Both kids so far have chosen a night at a hotel with a couple choice friends.

This past Friday, I had the privilege of spending the night with four very rowdy girls at the Capitol Plaza Hotel. You would not believe how often I had to say, "Shhhhhh... Quiet! People are sleeping next to us!" The hotel was full as there was a dog show next door at the Expocenter. Not only was the hotel full of people, it was full of dogs. This made for an interesting smell; dogs and rain make a big stink. The girls didn't seem to mind at all!

This was my favorite thing we did all night! Every girl was given a couple glow necklaces, and someone had the brilliant idea to spell words.

One of the girls brought the game Quelf to play at the party. It was a silly game full of mostly nonsense. You choose between stunts, trivia, talking, and other funny things depending on what you roll. I think it's very similar to Cranium. Some parts were a little bit inappropriate, and some were just downright weird. Someone had to keep their hand in a cup of warm water for a whole round until their next turn. The inappropriate card I put back, said I needed to give myself a wedgie and then allow everyone else to check it whenever they wanted. You can imagine the giggles that came after I read that card. It made things a little difficult at two in the morning! Another card that had the girls laughing was one having to do with eye contact. Every time you looked another person in the eye you had to say, "Trippy." For an entire round we kept hearing, "trippy" in the middle of sentences, at the end of sentences, and just in the middle of silence. It was pretty funny.

Another late night activity, somewhere between midnight and 1:00a.m., we decorated pillowcases. I sewed one for everyone using my scraps to make a colorful hem. We used fabric markers, and made sure to sign each other's when we were done decorating. I also had a book of transfers the girls could choose from to embellish their pillowcase a little. The iron on pictures will wash off; the whole purpose is to give you some help with drawing. You simply trace the pictures and color them in.

spin the nail polish game
In the morning, after we got our four hours of sleep, the girls played "Spin the Nail Polish." You sit in a circle; spin the polish, and whoever it lands on paints one fingernail that color. We cycled through several colors, and by the end were left with a unique array of fingernails.

spin the nail polish game for little girls
Everyone's all-time favorite activity from the whole entire party was playing Murder. This cracked me up because it's so simple, yet gave the girls so much enjoyment. You need a blank slip of paper for each girl, and then you draw an X on one of the papers. The girl with the X is the murderer. Everyone walks around and the murderer slyly taps a girl on the elbow. The girl must wait at least 10 seconds, then falls down dead. Everyone else tries to figure out who the murderer is. They played this over and over again!!

Happy Birthday, Ariel! I love you!

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