Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Silver Pawn

Saturday night, Titus and I were treated to a 4 course, gourmet meal made by our kids. They wanted to have an "Easter formal dinner" just like we had done for Valentine's Day. It was a huge time commitment, and I was touched by their efforts. From 2pm until 8pm they slaved in the kitchen and around the home preparing things and serving us. It was wonderful!

Ariel had the idea to name the restaurant The Silver Pawn. Recently Titus found a glass chess set at the Goodwill store, and the kids have all three fallen in love. It seems that not a day goes by without at least one game of chess happening in our home. Even Zechariah knows how all the pieces move! When the evening was over, I was helping clean up and hurriedly threw all the pieces back onto the chessboard. This morning, Zech noticed my job and was shocked that they were not in their correct place. He knows more than I do!

I was impressed that Ariel put so much detail into her menu. There was an adult menu and a separate kids menu full of games to play while we waited for dinner.

The only requirement of the evening was formal wear. If you remember, Saturday was a rainy day. For most of it Titus and I spent our time on the computers. It was a very lazy day. We didn't even require the kids to do their normal Saturday chores.

I was so tickled to see Zech in his tuxedo from when he was 2. Ariel dressed him and I thought he was simply adorable! I couldn't stop smiling whenever I saw him. He was absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was probably even cuter now on him than when he was two. He kept the thing on the entire night and didn't complain once about not being able to move his arms very well. He reminded me of tiny Tim on A Christmas Carol. "God bless us everyone."

In order to complete Gabriel's look of a grown up waiter, Ariel drew a black mustache on him. She even smeared it a little to make it look more natural. (She said.)

Titus and I were not extremely excited about getting dressed formal as it's uncomfortable to hang around in those clothes. We went for a more relaxed, but still dressed up theme.

I never would have worn my outfit out in public, but I had a lot of fun throwing all the things together. The kids were pleased with how we turned out.

The first part of the Silver Pawn dining experience was to sit on the couch and rest for awhile. The table wasn't quite ready for us, and we were happy to watch a show performed by Gabriel. He was very entertaining! He tried to do many juggling tricks with a small ball.

Ariel taught Zechariah how to welcome us to the restaurant. "Welcome to the Silver Pawn. How many adults and how many kids are there?" It was very sweet.

Our appetizer was some Ritz crackers placed on the chessboard. It made a pretty centerpiece for the table. Ariel really put her heart and soul into making it a special evening for us.

The kids each prepared their own menus and offered to make us anything off of them. It was predetermined what Ariel would cook, but the drinks were up in the air. I ordered tea off of Gabe's menu, and Titus requested a cup of coffee.

After watching a song performed by Gabriel, our dinner was ready and waiting at the table. I was very impressed with the service by my daughter. She could work in a restaurant. She kept the drinks full at all times! We feasted on Wakiki meatballs a favorite of mine.

When dinner was concluded, we had the opportunity of watching a stick fight between Gabe and Zech. It was quite thrilling at times. We never could tell who was going to be victorious. In the end Zech won the fight.

Ariel thought we would enjoy listening to a story, Green Eggs and Ham. Zechariah hung on her every word. It was really an unforgettable evening. The kids were outstanding in their service and entertainment for us.

We took a short break for the dishes to be cleaned by Ariel, and then regrouped for our after dinner bread. Ariel didn't realize it would take so long to bake the bread, so it wasn't quite ready to have before dinner. We didn't mind. She wanted to make it festive and chose a light green shade of food coloring for the bread. She also prepared some choice dipping sauces.

To complete our dinner we were given a delicious pumpkin pie bar dessert.

The kids really outdid themselves with the entire evening. Ariel especially learned that it is a lot of work to prepare dinner and even more work to clean up after it. A very valuable lesson indeed.
It was a night to remember!

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