Monday, January 23, 2012

Love Languages

God rocks! My kids are always saying "this rocks" or "that rocks", "Birds rock." Well, God ROCKS! I am so blessed by His goodness and generosity. When we are obedient, He blesses us. This is probably really corny, but I believe God blesses my socks off. And that's a hard thing to do for me. Only in the summer will I go sock-less. I love my socks because they keep my feet warm. Warmth is very important to me. So if God is removing the socks it's got to be good, so good that I don't even care that they are off of my feet.

For over a month now, I've wanted to purchase the book 5 Love Languages for Children. I've asked my friends if they own it, and so far I can't find anyone who does. I know it's one that I will need to reread often, so I might as well buy it.

I scoped out Lifeway, and unfortunately it's $14.99. I prayed it would be at the Bag Day Book sale this past weekend, but it wasn't. In February, I have two different coupons that I can use $5 each of Bonus Bucks, so $10 total. These were free with the pre-purchase of Courageous. (AWESOME movie) My sister gave me hers to spend since she lives in Colorado.

I'm not much of a procrastinator, and I have very little patience. When I want something, I normally want it now. I try to practice some self-discipline and deny myself as much as possible. This factors into the whole contentment thing I was talking about last week. Sometimes I need to wait on things. It's not always about the money. I'm certain we could afford to have bought the book full price, but God told me to wait on it. Why rush things?

So for a long month, I have been waiting. The book is very important to me. I've been struggling with a couple of my kids on a pretty consistent basis. There has been some outright rebellion and a great lack of respect for me. It was during a prayer meeting that God and I were having that He dropped this book into my mind.

I had the thought, "Do I really know how to love my kids?"

I know the value of my husband, and I can love him in the way that he needs. My kids on the other hand have been very different. I can do things for them, I can spend all my time with them, I can break my back for them, and still at the end of the day I don't believe they always feel my love. I say it to them every day, but I still feel like we're missing the mark. I need more insight. I'm counting on this book to show me more practical ways of loving them.

I've been experimenting on using the different love languages that I know are true for adults and I've had a little success. I'm not content to leave it there. I want to gain all the knowledge I can, and have God success. I know He told me to read this book.

So back to my really cool God that rocks, today I received the Lifeway mailer that gets sent out each month. Because of the coming holiday, Valentine's Day, they are having a special sale on the 5 Love Languages books. What perfect God timing!

I love how God rewards us. I will get to use my bonus bucks and buy the Love Language book for Children for only $6.99. That's half price! Then I can go back on another trip, and get the original Love Language book for only $2.99. Isn't it wonderful how God cares about the details in our lives? He gives us blessings every day.

Thank you, God!


  1. You forgot to ask me if I had that book! You might be surprised to know I do!! However, if you'll be needing to read it and refer back to it having your own is handy. :) I'm so glad you got a great deal on it!!

    1. Hmm.. I felt like I had asked you about the book. oh well... I only have one more week and I can buy it. :)