Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Through the Lens

It's been several months since I had a random picture post. I never have enough time to share all the photos I'd like to, and give all the information I'd like. So I'm going to keep this really simple...

My random photos from the past 4 months...

We never did get to visit all the parks in Topeka. Once the weather started getting in the 100's we couldn't handle being outside long enough to play at the park. That kind of weather is really only good for swimming and getting wet.

Zechariah had his very first sleepover with his best buddy, Mark.

The kids LOVE to have sleepover parties together, and what's even more fun for them is to have it in a tent they built with their own two hands.

4th of July! I can't believe I never posted anything about the 4th! What can I say, we like to stay busy, and that day was no different. We visited our last park of the summer, and then had a family BBQ in the backyard.

It's a family tradition to have strawberry Jell-O cake for our Independence Day celebration, and along with that tradition is a group picture with the cake. We always do a serious one first and then several silly photos. I can remember doing this when Gabe was just learning to walk, so the tradition has been going on for at least 5 or 6 years...

Our last park we visited for the summer... maybe we'll make it a yearlong goal and try to finish it this fall.

During the month of June and beginning of July you can visit our Capitol building for movie nights on the lawn. We watched "The Wizard of Oz."

This summer at the Mulvane Art Museum they had a really cool Lego display. Tons of different things made completely out of Lego's. The kids really liked it!

Straight Water is our favorite place to get some good Hawaiian Ice. It was after this visit I requested a Hawaiian ice maker for my birthday. My wonderful husband remembered and got it for me.

All summer long I enjoyed sewing new dresses and clothing for Ariel's American girl doll. This time she had a friend spend the night and I made matching dresses for both their dolls.

I love LOVE this photo! We took the kids several times to our church parking lot to teach them to ride bikes.

Ariel learned at the beginning of the summer to ride her bike, and Gabe got very frustrated with his. He actually got so mad, he threw the bike and it got a flat tire. Titus tried to air it up, and it EXPLODED!! Talk about loud!

A later trip... HE DID IT! I'm telling Titus, "Did you just see that?!!" I was so proud of Gabriel for figuring it out.

My sister wanted some pictures with her nieces and nephews before she moved to Colorado.

The kids had an American Girl tea party with my mom and sister. The tea party is a summer tradition and I was very sad to miss out on it. I was busy getting ready for our vacation we were leaving the next day for.

I never did post anything about our vacation to St. Louis, so I thought I'd throw some pictures in here.

This isn't a winning photo, but I had to include it. When I was in 5th grade I took a school trip to St. Louis and we visited the Zoo. It wasn't until we left the zoo, and the photos were already taken that I actually remembered that I visited this gorilla back in 5th grade. I took a photo of my best friend sitting on top. She took a picture of me sitting on him. If I had remembered, I would have climbed up for another photo... 18 or 19 years later...

Here's the picture I took 18 years ago of my friend. She has the copy of me!

I couldn't believe how still the penguins stood. I was inside the building and took this without a flash. They aren't blurred in the least bit!

We visited the St. Louis Art Museum. This was my all-time favorite display there! I loved it! I could not stop laughing at it. He's called "Angry Man." I was really hoping they would sell a postcard in their gift shop, but alas they did not.

Can't you feel the love in this picture?

My three dodo's... I did unlock the cage eventually to let them out.

We visited an outdoor art park full of different sculptures. We must have walked a couple miles just to look at them all.

Someone was having a meltdown...

The Science Center... the kid's favorite part was the experiment we all got to do together. We solved a case and had to do chemical testing on the evidence.

You can't go to St. Louis without visiting the arch.

The kids really enjoyed playing in this water fountain. It was huge and had many different levels to climb.

After days of walking and site seeing, Zech couldn't make it very late into the night.

We all had a wonderful trip and will never forget all our experiences we had together. I took over 700 photos so these few photos are a very small portion of the vacation.

Before my sister left for her year in Colorado, we had a special fall going away party. The food was fall-ish, the atmosphere was like a coffee shop, and the live entertainment was fun. Titus got to participate and be a part of one of the music groups of the evening.

One morning last week, we were getting ready to leave for school and "someone" had to make a last minute potty trip. I told the kids not to go outside without me. When I came out, Zech was missing. He had taken it upon himself to get the car ready for me. I admit I overlooked his disobedience in going outside alone because it was the sweetest thing. He did his best to squeegee the windows off for me.

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