Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Poor Baby...

There is never a dull day at our house. Something is always going on. Today we spent the morning at ExpressCare with Zechariah.

Yesterday, Zech was feeling rather adventurous and thought it would be fun to jump off a chair onto a huge bouncy ball. This resulted in not being a very bright idea. He proceeded to break my heart with all his tears and could hardly be consoled. After an hour of crying, moaning, and buckets of tears by Zech and mom, he drifted off to sleep for a nap.

After waking, the rest of the night was spent gaining sympathy and help as he turned into a complete invalid. He couldn't climb off of the couch, lift a drink, or even pull his pants up after going potty. Life was misery.

We just now finished with the doctor to find after some very pain filled x-rays, Zech has a fracture of his left radius, otherwise known as a broken wrist, caused by catching himself with his outstretched hand.

For right now his arm is in a splint, and we're waiting on a call from the orthopedic doctor for a consultation appointment at their earliest convenience.

Zech is now milking it for all it's worth, and everyone in the family is happy to oblige him!

*** UPDATE ***

We had our appointment today with the orthopedic doctor. It went well, and was determined that Zech would have his arm in a cast for 6 weeks! We go back next Monday for a check-up and to get recent x-rays to make sure that he is on the road to recovery. I am praying that all goes well. I know that God is in control, and He's taking care of Zechariah.

For now we are adjusting to life with one arm for Zech. It's going to be a long month and a half of bathing, and even simple things like eating. He can't get the cast wet or dirty, so this is going to be quite an adventure. I think it would be most convenient if I could find a bubble to purchase for Zech to live in for the next few weeks. If anyone knows where I can find one, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Zech is really enjoying all the extra attention he's receiving. From the treats he gets, to the games that everyone has been willing to play with him. We've tried to keep life simple.

If you talked to Zech, you wouldn't even think that having your arm in a cast was a bad thing. As he left the doctor's office, he shouted excitedly to all who would listen, "Look! My arm is red! My arm is red!" He was so excited to be able to color his arm in his favorite color.

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