Friday, July 1, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I had been starting to think that my kids were never going to give me something to write about, when yesterday I was overloaded. They had me laughing all day long!

The weather has been so hot outside that we finally took our trip to the pool. As soon as we got there, Gabe wanted to run and jump in. He couldn't wait! As he jumped in he yelled out a very loud, "Cotton Ball!!" I tried to tell him it was actually "Cannon ball," but again he jumped in and yelled out, "Cotton Ball!!" I figured it was close enough.

Zechariah isn't quite as brave, and takes a little bit of coxing to get into the pool. He mostly stayed around the edge and just sat on the ladder dipping his feet in the water having a good time splashing. I tried to get him into the middle of the pool, with great protests from him. He wasn't screaming, but begging to go back to his safe ladder. I told him he need to get his entire body wet, to which he smartly replied, "No, only my feet like swimming."

By the time we made it home from swimming it was lunch time. Gabe couldn't come up with what he wanted to eat. This is always difficult the day before grocery shopping. I tried to suggest a turkey sandwich. He shook his head and said, "No. I wanted to have top ramen for lunch. I was thinking about our family, and I wanted to be that character in the family that eats the same thing for every meal. I ate top ramen for breakfast, so I need to eat it again for lunch." I tried not to laugh and asked him what is a character? His answer, "They do something different." Gabriel is definitely a character, and I love him all the more for it. Life is always fun when he is around.

As we were eating dinner, a very exasperated Gabriel yelled at his sister, "Ariel! You keep getting your hair all over my plate!" We were eating corn on the cob...

I love my kids so much! They make my life so beautiful!

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