Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Summer Challenge

We're back with our summer challenge, park hopping! This weekend we didn't get to visit too many with it being Memorial Day weekend. We were busy with jobs around the house, and lots of work on the yard. I planted flowers for the first time!

We were able to visit two parks in Topeka, so we're still making progress even if it's a bit slow.

The first park we checked out was Horne which is located at 35th and Atwood, just off of Gage. I had looked at a few pictures online before we went, and was a little disappointed that they replaced some of the older toys with new ones. The pictures showed a fun, wood set with tires, and a bridge, along with a few other climbing things.

The park is very spacious, and has a few picnic tables.

As you can see, it still has some of the more classic toys too, a big metal slide, a merry-go-round, and a metal jungle gym.

Our favorite was the rock wall built onto the modern play equipment. It's perfect for children with shorter legs. Titus and I tried climbing on it, and it was a bit awkward feeling since it's so small.

I had to add this to show just how little fear Zech has.

The park was perfect for Gabriel, with the very high swings. I found it to be a little odd that they had this huge swing set, and they made it for just 3 swings, with only one swing per section.

The next park we visited was actually not new to us. It wasn't until we were almost there that we realized we had been there a few times already. We have two friends that live in the neighborhood, and have had parties there. I didn't get a picture of it, but this park is perfect for a party. They have an open air shelter with picnic tables underneath.

Brookfield park is located on Kingsgrow Road, just off of 21st street.

It's amazing to me that most parks seem to just sit empty. We rarely have run into anyone during our park hopping.

Gabriel's favorite part of this park was the monkey bars. He was determined to tackle them, and he was very close to doing it. Every time he would make it with only one or two bars to spare. We figured out that by the end of the trip, he must have swung across a total of 200 bars, and he should be proud of that fact even if he couldn't last the entire set of 12 bars at once.

Even I tried the monkey bars, and sadly could only make it through 2 bars. My hands were just too sore!

I guess it's more common than I thought; this park also has a musical piano. However, it doesn't have a song wrote out for you to play.

This park was fun because it had a nice tic-tac-toe set. Titus and I played some together, however we always ended the game with a tie.

I have found it to be very rare for a park to have a water fountain, so I thought I would include that this park has it.

Hopefully next week, we will have more parks crossed off our list!

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