Friday, April 8, 2011

Hughes Play-For-All Park

One of the best activities to enjoy on a warm spring day is playing at the park with friends.

Just recently, Zech and I spent some time with our friends at Hughes Park, here in Topeka. If you haven't checked out that park, it's a nice quiet location, where traffic rarely comes. My friend and I visit it often together with our boys. It has a large quantity of picnic tables under an open-air shelter. It would make a great place for a party!

This park has been around for years, as I remember going there with my younger sister and watching her play on the slides. It was brand new at that time in 1994.

The sign calls it a play-for-all park because it's handicapped accessible. They even have a swing designed so you can use your arms to pump. This would definitely build very strong arm muscles if you used this continually.

One of the things that made this park stand out to me lies hidden on some rocks near the sand pit. I've been to this park many times and it wasn't until our last trip there that I noticed this.

If you've ever made a leaf rubbing, this is similar. The rocks there are filled with metal pictures that you can use to color. Just bring some paper and crayons and you have the makings of a very fun art project. Coloring at the park is not your typical thing to do, so I thought this seemed very unique, which makes the park all the more special to me.

We have yet to try it, but we soon will be planning a trip back there.

The rocks are even equipped with the letters of the alphabet, and numbers.

They have a few college things there, dinosaurs, birds and other fun things to color.

If you haven't visited Hughes Park, I would recommend planning an afternoon there. I've only been there on a week day, so I don't know about weekends, but it's never busy. In all the trips we've made there, I think my kids have found other children there only once or twice. It's very quiet, and there are several shady places to sit and rest for the adults.

It's located near the corner of 7th and Gage, about one block in. In the summertime we usually stop at Sonic, grab a slush and head over to that park for some fun!

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