Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

**Warning - Toilet Talk **

Zechariah is totally potty trained now; he just needs assistance wiping his bottom after pooping. Today as I was helping him, I noticed his poop was lime green. Call me weird, but I was trying to figure out what he had eaten to give it that funny color. As I thought out loud, I told him, maybe it was the fruit loops he ate for breakfast. He laughed really loud, and said to me, “I got fruit in my butt?” It was a totally new and hilarious concept for him that his poop was food.

After he seemed to understand what I was saying, he ran to tell his dad and siblings the news, “Daddy, my poop is food! Yeddar, poop is food! Gabe my poop is food!” He was cracking up the entire time he was telling them. It was pretty funny!

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