Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Ariel has been talking a lot about visiting her friend from school, Michaela. I asked her where she lived, and Ariel responded to me, “On Shawnee Doctor.”

I told her I had never heard of that, and was she certain its right? Of course! She was adamant!

“Mom, I saw it in the school directory. It says Shawnee Doctor!”
A week or two later, the conversation came up again that Ariel wanted to go to Michaela’s house and she wondered where Shawnee Doctor is at. Again I told her I was certain she wasn’t remembering it right. There is no street with that name.

This time the truth came out when I asked her to spell it for me.

Michaela lives on “Shawnee Dr.”

Ariel and Michaela showing off their homemade facial they made consisting of apples, milk, & lettuce!

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