Friday, February 18, 2011

Call me Sentimental

Today I felt the need to clean up house a little. Zech had been sick all day, so there was no going out to enjoy the beautiful weather. I am a very sentimental person, and I have great difficulty throwing things away. Even the smallest scrap of paper could turn into a priceless memento to me. Sometimes I will go out of my way to find something to remember a day by, and other times the things will find me.

The positive part of my saving treasures, I am an organized individual. There is a rhyme and reason to my keepsake madness. I spend a great deal of time putting together boxes of items, folders full of cards, Ziplocs stuffed full of things, anything that can bring order to my beautiful chaos.

About once every year I go through my main keepsake box, and I throw away items that maybe lost their special meaning, or I might have forgotten what it is even from. Today was the special day that I got to take a quick walk down memory lane, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my nonsensical items, and some of my treasures.

I have lots of envelopes in my box, full of different random items. This one holds all my play programs that I've been to over the years. "Hairspray" was just recently added to it, as I had a girl's night out last night with some of my closest friends.

My journal that I kept during high school... you might find some interesting things in this book. My husband and I at one time read through it together and had to laugh a little at the amount of times I fell in love and quickly back out of it.

My husband's ID card from his senior year of high school. Now how could I possibly part with this?
And the shirt from high school that always brought out the blue color of his eyes. I'm certain it was when he was wearing this shirt that I fell in love with him. I have many other items of clothing from my husband and children that are saved in a big box in the basement. Someday I plan on sewing them into squares to make a family quilt.

A couple years ago we put on a BIG surprise party for my brother for his 30th birthday. It was called, "A Night at the Oscars." We handed out these flowers to all the girls, and used this as a prop for photos that night.

This brings back good memories for me with my children. This past summer we all worked together to figure out the clues of the Topeka Treasure Hunt. I can't wait until this summer when we get to hunt again.

An obsession from my high school years... The Little Mermaid. I don't know what it was that drew me to that movie, but I loved it. I actually sat down and wrote out the entire movie script, which is pictured below. This was before subtitles and DVD's. I had to make my script the old fashioned way with a VCR. I would pause it, write down a few words, press play and listen for the next line. It took me weeks, but wow, what an accomplishment, huh? hahaha... I will admit here, a little on the crazy side.

My first car I bought, I thought personalized license plates were an absolute necessity. As you can see, I kept the license plate for several years too. I eventually got my own Little Mermaid, my daughter Ariel, and soon forgot about my obsession. When I talk about my Ariel, I don't even think about the Disney character anymore and often forget that her name is the same.

I had a couple short term jobs before I started work at Kinko's, but I really consider working there to be my first job. I loved it! If I ever needed a part time job, I would consider going back there. I found the copying, organizing, and overall paper work to be heavenly.

This one might surprise you, but I used to collect soap from all the hotels I would visit. When I was younger my dad would go away on business trips, and he would always bring back the bar of soap from his hotel room, or the shampoo or the lotion for me. It made me feel so special, and I had a hard time the year I decided it was time to throw out the collection. I only saved these two soaps. The other one is from a business trip my husband took. He wanted to continue the tradition for me.

When I was little I would save pencils! I had a HUGE pencil collection, and would never sharpen them. These three pencils are the only ones I saved, and each one came from someone special.

I know this picture looks much worn, but it was in my husband's wallet for many many years. This is my senior picture, taken the summer before we started dating. He held onto for a very long time before it got moved to the keepsake box.

Probably not many people know that there is a hand written Bible out there, and I was privileged to go with a friend and write a verse for this Bible. It would have been really cool to have written a Psalm or Proverb verse. But when they were here in Topeka it was Deuteronomy chapter 32 that we were all writing. Here is my contribution: “Go up into the Abarim Range to Mount Nebo in Moab, across from Jericho, and view Canaan, the land I am giving the Israelites as their own possession." Deuteronomy 32:49

I'm sure someday I may have to stop collecting, but I have every birthday card that I've been given all my life. I have cards from when I was very very little, to just last week. I used to have a special Christmas book full of cards, but it was one of those things I had to let go of. Sometimes I can't keep up with all the projects that I want to do. So now if I'm given a special Christmas card, it gets added to the birthday box.

Here's an example of why those cards are so special... The details that were put into just for me, I have to save. I believe for this birthday, my mom and me went to the Legends Mall in Kansas City and ate dinner together at one of the restaurants there.

My husband's high school planner... it has some very special notes in it just for me!

This is my husband's Christmas folder. The kids also have their own Christmas folders too. They are filled with letters from my mom. Each year, for many years now long before my kids were even born, my mom has been writing us Christmas letters. She will roll them up, tie them with a ribbon, and place them inside the Christmas tree. When all the presents are finished unwrapping, we open our Christmas letters. She will usually write about what we've done together throughout the year, and the spiritual and physical growth that we've had. It's really neat to have all those letters together in a book to read through.

My hat box full of my Christmas letters from my mom.

I save so many different invitations. I have an envelope of graduation invitations, of wedding invitations and programs, baby shower invitations. I don't want to forget anything.

I like to save all my concert tickets and movie stubs. I have stubs saved from plays and church productions. They also all get their own place in my box.

Something kinda interesting, I have several school project folders that I have saved. Some of these reports are from 3rd and 4th grade. What a neat thing to have to show my children. They can see my writing skills and how they compare to their own.

When I was 11 years old, I was crowned a Missionette Honor Star. It was a big accomplishment for myself at the time, and I have a box just for the occasion.

I rather like this collection, my key chains. I never used them, but they represent so many fun times in my life. The wooden carving of Amanda, I bought with my own money when I flew to NY to visit my Oma & Opa when I was 8 years old. In high school, I was also obsessed with lime green Volkswagen beetles. I even went to a car dealer to have my photo taken with the car. The shamrock was given out at our wedding as we were married on St. Patrick's Day. The whale is from a family vacation to Sea World. The potato head I had a t-shirt that I loved to wear during high school. "The Perfect Man: He's Tan, He's Cute. And if he looks at another girl you can rearrange his face". All my life I've loved to take photos, so the camera key chain is a favorite too!

Going way back to elementary school, I saved a lot of my name tags for my desk. These are from 1st and 2nd grade!

Valentines ... I've saved them over the years from all my friends and family members. Each of my children also has their own valentine collections started.

This box is one of my most special keepsakes. It holds all the birthday cards, Mother's day cards, Father's Day cards, Anniversary cards, and Christmas cards between me and my husband. It's starting to get to the point that the lid doesn't close very well. It always makes me cry when I read through the love notes that are saved between me and my husband. They are good memories!

My last thing I thought was fun to share; these are paper wedding bells from my wedding. They were used as decoration, and I've saved this one set of bells. Maybe someday they can hang in a special place at my children's weddings.

It may seem like a bunch of random mismatched items, but all together they represent me and my life. I think it's fun to reminisce every once in awhile, and to be reminded of the love you have given and have been given. God truly has blessed me so much!

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