Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rees Fruit Farm

We had our first field trip of the school year this morning to Rees Fruit Farm. Gabriel was very excited and already knew what to expect. Three years ago, Ariel did this exact same field trip in the 1st grade and Gabe got to tag along as a little 3 year old. The same age coincidentally that Zechariah is!

Rees Fruit Farm has always been my favorite place to pick out a pumpkin. It may not have the rides and toys for the kids to play on, but they get to make a trek out to the field to choose their pumpkin to cut off the vine. Rees Fruit Farm also makes the best apple cider and apple cider donuts that I've ever tasted!

Class photo with the teacher!

When they found the pumpkin that they wanted to choose, they had to raise their hand so an adult would come and cut it off the vine.

A perfect pumpkin to make a pie out of! We'll see if I'm brave enough to try making pumpkin pie from scratch.

Another class photo opportunity to pose with the scarecrow. I love Gabe's teacher! She knows the importance of pictures.

We all got to load up in a wagon for a hayrack ride around the grounds. We saw several different types of apple trees, and we caught a glimpse of another pumpkin patch.

Our last part of the tour was learning about what they do with all those apples they pick. We all got to walk inside a huge refrigerator where they store the apples. It was very cold!! The next part was most interesting to me. This machine here sorts out the apples in three different sizes. The larger size of apples gets boxed up and shipped to stores. The smallest of the apples they use to make their famous apple cider. Yum!

Before heading home we all got to sample some of their delicious apple cider slush. Something interesting I learned there. Do you know the difference between apple juice and apple cider? There is none. Apple cider just sells in the stores better! So true too! I never drink apple juice, but I sure do love apple cider.

It was a very fun, educational trip to Rees Fruit Farm.

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