Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Daily Bread

For years Titus' grandparents have been mailing us a devotional called Our Daily Bread. (You can read it online too at Every 3 months we get a new copy in the mail, with a nice letter and certain days noted. Our birthdays will always have special notes with smiley faces. It's a really neat thing that Titus' grandparents do for us, and it's especially nice for Titus because he remembers reading that devotional when he would take trips to their house as a young boy.

Now I would love to say that I remember to read it everyday, however that would be untrue. But on the days that I do remember it's usually read during my lunch time with Zech. We will sit across from each other. Sometimes we'll have conversation but most of the time we're both just content to sit and eat quietly.

Today was one of those days that I remembered to pick up the devotional and read it. I never read it aloud to Zech, I usually just sit quietly and contemplate what it's talking about. When I had finished reading it, I slipped it back to the middle of the table. Zechariah decided that he would like a turn today. He very nonchalantly grabbed the book, opened it up, and I can only imagine began reading it in his head. He was so serious about it too. It wasn't until I took out my camera because I just needed to snap a picture for Titus' grandparents, that he broke out into a big grin... still trying to play it off like he does this every time.

I hope God had something very special to tell Zechariah today in his Daily Bread.

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