Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ariel's 9th Birthday

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was holding my baby girl for the very first time. How am I supposed to believe it was already nine years ago? It seems impossible.

I remember going in for the sonogram and finding out I was having a baby girl, exactly like I wanted. I bought her a pair of pink jelly shoes and hung them up in my car so I could see them everyday.

I remember holding her for the first time in amazement. It felt unreal that she was truly my little girl, and my little mermaid.

I remember getting excited about her first real smile, and her first bite of real food as all the family gathered around her.

I remember cracking up over her first few steps she took. We're certain she was jealous over all the attention that we were giving to the new dog.

I remember the first time she said, "mama" and held her hands up to me.

I can remember the shock I had at hearing what we thought was her first bad word she said, "Shet", only later to realize she was talking about her favorite movie "Shrek".

I remember how excited I was to tell her she was going to be a big sister, and seeing her give the baby a kiss for the first time.

I remember her first swimming lesson, and her getting out of the pool, running away from the teacher towards the deep end. She had no fear.

I remember getting her hair cut for the first time. She's always had such beautiful blonde hair.

I remember the first trip we took to the ER with her when her temperature was too high, and we were so worried about her.

I remember bringing her back to the ER another time when she needed staples in her head. She was so brave, and I tried not to cry so that she wouldn't cry either.

I remember the first time she got in big trouble with a teacher at church and I realized my little girl wasn't always the perfect angel.

I remember the first time I brought her to the dentist and how scared I was when they said I couldn't go back with her.

I remember her getting tubes in her ears and how long that half hour was as I sat in the waiting room.

I remember having to let go of her when I drove her to school that first day of kindergarten. I cried every day for a month but always tried to hide my tears so she would be excited to go back.

I remember the excited look on her face as she read the certificate that she was getting her very own bird.

I remember her reading me the first story she could all by herself. She's always been so smart.

I remember getting the phone call saying she won second prize in a writing contest and how proud I was of her.

I remember crying with her in her room as I told her Valentine flew away. Then I remember a week later as the tears we cried were from joy because someone had found our bird.

I remember the first time she had to choose a pair of glasses and how excited she was as she tried on all the pretty colored frames.

I remember the conversation with her teacher at school who said she was so smart, and should be tested for gifted. I remember how proud I was when she passed the test with almost a perfect score.

I remember all the times she's been a caring big sister to her little brothers, and the time she spends reading and teaching them school.

I remember how excited she was when she came home from camp and yelled out the bus window, "I got baptized in the Holy Spirit!" I couldn't contain my tears of happiness.

I remember the prayers she prays, and the faith she has in knowing that Jesus is going to answer them.

I remember all her kisses and hugs she loves to give each night before going to bed.

I remember the birthday parties we've had and how much planning and love has gone into each and every one of them.

I remember the day she was born, and how I thought my heart would burst with love for her. I look back on that day now, and I see that I hardly even knew how to love her. My love has grown so strong, and so wide that it would fill the earth several times over. I can't believe she's already nine years old...

We have done many exciting birthdays in the past for Ariel ... her first was The Little Mermaid, then Tigger, and swimming with Nemo in a big pool. Her 4th birthday was Strawberry Shortcake, and 5th was a bird party. For her 6th we were pirates and hunted for treasure finding crocodiles along the trail. Her 7th was butterflies and staying up till midnight with several little girlfriends. 8th was a book party, giving away "The Trumpet of the Swan" to each of her friends.

This August was 9 years!! A Daddy Cake's birthday party. We celebrated all weekend long, and even started the week before. Ariel invited a friend over to tie dye aprons with us. We had 11 beautiful aprons that we dyed.

I found the baking lesson to be so interesting! I've never been in a commercial kitchen before, and they have the most fun equipment. I think I was most impressed with the size of their wire whisk. I wish I would have been fast enough to get a picture. The girls each got to take turns measuring different ingredients for a "Death by Chocolate" cake. Yum...

I wish I could remember the amounts of all the things we added. It was huge! Much different than just making a single cake mix.

I believe it was 16 eggs that the recipe called for! Each girl, and Gabe, got to crack an egg. It was fun to watch because some of the girls were pros at it and then some I think cracked their first egg.

My beautiful sister was bringing out the special order of cupcakes. Each of the girls got to RSVP ahead of time for which cupcake they wanted to eat.

Cosmopolitan is my favorite cupcake, a special for Saturdays!

Ariel personalized her cupcake. This was the first time she had tried a "Retro".


So excited to get this piggy bank! She had been wanting it for over 6 months!

What a great party!! She made out pretty good!

After the party, we headed home for some dinner and then out to a movie... just us girls.

"Ramona and Beezus" has got to be one of my new all time favorite movies. I've seen it twice, and it is such a good family film. I would highly recommend it to anyone, even if you don't have kids!

Ariel got to have a friend over for a sleepover after her party!

We had CHOCOLATE to dip all our favorite snack foods in. The chips are one of the best things dipped in chocolate I think. Very very tasty!

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday, Dear Ariel, Happy Birthday to You.

I hope she got her wish!

Stefanie took Ariel to the mall for her birthday to JUMP! It was quite fun to watch, and we were all amazed how fast her time went by.
Just so you can see how high it really is... WOW!

She did a great job doing flips!

From my perspective, I think Ariel had the perfect birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday, Ariel! I love you!

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