Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shawnee Lake Swim Beach

This week we visited the swimming beach at Shawnee Lake for the first time. I've always been a little afraid of lake water so this was a day to stretch myself, especially since I was the only adult involved. I was very impressed and a little sorry that we've been missing out for so long. The beach is very reasonably priced at $2 a person, and 3 and under are FREE. The place was busy enough, but not so many people that we didn't have enough room to roam around. Gabe absolutely loved the slides. They have two slides to choose from and practically no wait in line. He spent the entire afternoon alternating between the two.

The only downside to the slides, you must be a certain height to participate. I know it's for the safety of the kids, but try telling that to a two year old little brother. Zech was deeply disappointed that he could not ride the slides, or jump into the fun pools at the bottom. For awhile it was just torturing him to watch Gabriel having so much fun.

Gabriel said the long slide was not as much fun as the other one, but that really didn't stop him from repeatedly trying it out. He enjoyed running back and forth between the two.

Once Zech finally realized he couldn't play on the slide, he was determined to have his own afternoon of swimming bliss. He loved that he could just walk into the water, splash and kick his feet, and just about do whatever he wanted there.

The swimming beach is quite large, and we were able to spread out as much as we needed to. This spot was fun for Gabriel because of the overhead sprinkler. You can't really see it very well in a picture, but it's a lot of fun to run under or just play in.

After Gabe realized Zech really wasn't too interested in playing with him, he figured he was off the hook and could run back over to the slides. They were definitely the highlight of his experience at the beach.

My mother and I switched kids for the day, so I had Mikaela in place of Ariel. She was not feeling like take a swim, but seemed to enjoy just sun bathing. I thought she might be getting hot and need a little cool off.

One of the great aspects of swimming in the lake is the MUD! You can get as dirty as you want, and then just run over and wash yourself off. There's no need to try to keep everything clean. Mikaela started a mud fight with Zechariah, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

As our afternoon was coming to a close, Zechariah discovered his freedom in the water. He was thrilled to find that he could just walk and walk and walk. He didn't have any fear of the water getting deeper or covering his head, he just thought the ground would always be there for him to walk along. I had to rescue him a few times and every time he would just go back and do the same thing. I was amazed at how little he feared the water. Normally he is so timid, but this time he was like a little warrior going out to fight with the water.

After many rescues, I decided the fun had ended and we needed to head home for a nap. The swim beach was a very nice addition to our summer fun, and we will probably be scheduling another trip out there with dad before the summer officially ends.

Life is so good, and I love what we are making of it!

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