Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Special Day with Daddy

We were very blessed this week in our summer fun. Titus got to take Friday off of work and spend the whole day with us. It was a special surprise! We started out the day with a picnic at Gage Park. The kids were especially pleased that we found a table right next to the train. Two times during our lunch the train rode by and we all waved, hello, to the passengers.

Next we drove across the street to the Zoo. It's amazing how we can visit the animals over and over again and never get tired of them. Each trip is a new day full of exciting things. This time the flamingos in the Rain Forest were exceptionally great. They followed us around in there, a dream come true for Ariel. I think they chose to follow because as soon as we met them, Gabe whispered to them he would take them out of the zoo if they would just follow along with him, and he would help them to find their families. They took him at his word!

Gabe does a wonderful job as a big brother, helping out Zech to see all the animals.

Zechariah really likes the gorillas!

Ariel learned that the gorillas know some sign language, so she wanted to make sure they got her special message.

Gabriel insisted on getting a map for our trip. Lately he has made several treasure hunts around the house, so this was going to be a big adventure for us all. He asked at the front for his very own map, and was even kind enough to return it to them when our trip was over. He's so responsible!

Who can resist a family photo?

After spending a few hours outside in the hot hot sun, we took a trip across the street to Straight Water. It's one of our favorite places to stop in for some Hawaiian Ice. We all enjoyed our special treat. Zechariah was tired on the way home and kindly requested, "NO pictures!"

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