Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Usually my stories are about Gabriel, but I thought I would share one today about Zechariah. For the longest time Zech was trying to tell us something, and we never could figure it out. He doesn't always enunciate very well, and what he was saying went something like this. "I O Shoe" He was saying it all the time crying and crying because we couldn't figure it out. Then one day a few weeks ago, it just came to me because he was holding up his arms at me. He was saying, "I hold you." There are lots of times I'll say that to him, "can I hold you, Zech? Please, Please?" And he would laugh and I would pick him up. This morning we were leaving for the Farmer's Market, and Zech wanted his daddy to "o - shoe" him. He was so pleased after Titus picked him up that he said, "Daddy, o - shoe, me!" Translated, "Daddy hold you me" He was so glad his daddy was holding him!

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