Friday, June 18, 2010

Kansas City, Here We Come!

It was time for another big adventure of summer fun! We travelled to a land far far away where the dinosaurs roam, all the way to Union Station, in Kansas City.

We spent an hour at the new exhibit in Union Station, "Dinosaur's Unearthed". The kids loved it! They got to see huge dinosaurs up close, and even were able to turn a few heads there. There were a select few dinosaurs that had a control panel that the kids could play with. You could choose a button that would move either the dino's head, tail, or body. I think this was the highlight for the kids.

The kids loved to pretend they were scared!

I just want to say, it's not my fault that Ariel and Stefanie don't know how to stand perfectly still like the dinosaur statues!

One of the things I found most interesting here, they had a lot of the dinosaurs covered in hair. They said after some new research they believe that a lot of the dinosaurs were not just made of reptile skin, but hairy! It brings a whole new look to Dinosaurs!

Everyone put on your scary Dinosaur face!

After finishing this exhibit, I found that I have a totally different perspective on life than my children. They ran around from one display to the next, very excited to see real, roaring, moving dinosaurs. I walked around thinking the whole time, did I really just pay $32 to have the privilege of walking through here? If only I could still see through the eyes of a child, and not be weighing the cost of the activity. Sometimes it's better to just enjoy it, rather than critique it!

We can't take a trip to KC in the hot summer, and not stop by the fountain. It's just not possible!

It was a beautiful day outside, and we all enjoyed every moment of it!

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