Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun with the Family

I really love spending time with my friends, but nothing compares to spending time with my family. We enjoy each other's company so much, and I don't think there is anywhere I'd rather be then with them. It's always the small things in life, that really are the biggest things. This Saturday we spent the afternoon playing in our new pool. It's not a large pool at all, but it has enough room for all of us to sit and cool down in the hot summer sun. Life is good when you're with the people you love. I cannot stress it enough, I love my family!

There's nothing like taking a break and just sitting, watching your kids having fun together. This is what life is all about!

After a few hours of water fun, Zech needed to take a break and snack a little in air conditioning. He was standing inside eating his pop-tarts, while he watched Ariel and Gabe swim. Every time he saw my camera, I could see him mouth the words, "No, Pictures!"

Titus and I got these tattoos when we were dating, and I just recently realized I've never taken a photo of them. In August it will be 10 years ago! We were in England when we got them done. "We complete each other" is what we've always said they stood for. It never even occurred to me then that I may not end up marrying this guy, and I could get stuck with an unwanted tattoo on my back. I knew right from the start that I never wanted to be with another man. Titus is my other half, sent by God, just for me. I love him so much!

After a day in the sun, Zech was pretty wiped out!
It was a perfect day!

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