Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oh, the joys of summer! We took an overnight trip to Shawnee lake for some camping. The weather was sunny and HOT. It may have been a little uncomfortable at times, but I think we all loved every moment of it. One of the best parts of our camping trip, Jaime came with us! I think a person is very fortunate when you have a great friend, that it doesn't matter how often you see each other, you can always just pick up right where you left off. I know Jaime and I will always be lifelong friends.

This was what I call an adult playground. Three stories high is a little much for a two year old, but Zech loved it just the same. The other kids, some very big grownups, had fun on it too!

No matter where we go, my husband will always be there for us to grill our dinner. We actually chose to camp at Shawnee Lake because we love our husbands and daddys so much we wanted them to be able to eat some dinner with us, and hang out for awhile before bedtime.

We are not afraid of putting our kids to work! We made sure they all had a job in cleaning up the dishes. As you can see, they had a little fun with their jobs too.

Smores!!!! We made them with Reese's peanut butter cups, very yummy!

Rise and Shine! It's 6:30a.m.!
Poor guy was still half asleep. He woke up in the night crying for "water, water". Somehow we left his sippy cup at home, so he was a little out of sorts when he couldn't wake up and get water out of a sippy cup, and fall back to sleep. He had to really be awake and drink out of a cup. I think all of us lost a little sleep over that.

Good morning!

An early morning sword fight, just what everyone needs

After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and eggs, we headed off to the lake for a swim.

And the tent must come down sometime.. it was a fun trip! Ariel mentioned several times she wished we could stay there forever.

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